Robert del Tredici – Visual Dynamics

Visual Dynamics
Robert Del Tredici

Teil 1
The Art of Animated Film mittwochs, 14.00 bis 17.00 ; Hörsaal 2
Beginn: 12.10. um 14.00; Raum wird bekannt gegeben

Teil 2
The Energy of Seeing dienstags, 9.30 bis 11.30; Hörsaal 2

Visual Dynamics aims to enhance the capacity for visual thinking by exploring multiple modes of image-making and image-response.
Half of the course will be dedicated to The Art of Animated Film; it will explore the upstart medium of animation.
The second half, called The Energy of Seeing, will work with principles of vision and engage in the creation and transformation of visual energies.
The two sections alternate: in our twice-weekly meetings, one session will be spent viewing and discussing animated films;
the second session will be dedicated to the image-making process.

Each class on The Art of Animated Film will screen and discuss up to ten short films — from early to modern, from classic to barbaric,
from the titillating to the terrifying — from North America, Eastern Europe, and Japan.
Students are asked to keep a journal on some of their favorite animated short films.

The Energy of Seeing begins by observing how all images carry meaning, but not all images and meanings are equal.
Some fizzle, while others take root; some hypnotize, while others awaken; some reveal the truth, others hide it.
We will look into the process by which images, from the inane to the insightful, trigger reflection and generate response.
We will study the difference between passive and active seeing. We will explore four principles of composition:
negative space, rhyming shapes, conflicting diagonals, and the golden section.
We will delve into the drama of abstract symbolism and the power of montage, which we will apply to picture- sequencing.
This should increase our understanding of the relationship of form to content and of image to text.
And we will follow current events for their visual representation – or lack of it — in the media.
We will end the course with an exhibition of work done during the semester.
Wine and cheese will be served.

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