[Veranstaltung] KKP: Movie Night #11 on Tuesday June 3rd 19.30

Join us
Movie Night #11

A World Not Ours
by Mahdi Fleifel, 2012

7:30 pm

Abteilung Angewandte Fotografie
OKP - Schwanzer Trakt
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Movie nights is a format for a transdisciplinary exchange: Starting each time from one film, we open the space for a conversation about the relations between production of images and their conditions – modes of narration, authorship, history, politics and effects on society. We show fiction, documentaries, movie and television productions in regard to the actual situation, focusing on Palestinian and Israeli films. The movie nights take place every two weeks in the section of Applied Photography and are hosted and organized by the sections Applied Photography, Klasse für Alle, Art and Communicative Practices, Art theory, Philosophy, and Transcultural Studies.

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