[Veranstaltung] STIR > Lecture by Simon INOU on Tuesday 23 April 18:00 / Diversity, Equal Opportunities and Inclusion

STIR lectures
as part of Angewandte activities to promote Diversity, Equal Opportunities and Inclusion across the organisation for students, staff, faculty and associates.

Tuesday 23 April 18:00, Oska Kokoschka Building, Ground floor, Hoorsaal 1.

Lecture by SIMON INOU, followed by Q&A moderated by Iketina Danso
INOU's lecture will be on: "Der Kampf gegen rassistische Ikonographie in Österreich - The fight against racist iconography in Austria". The lecture will be in German. The question/ answer session will be in English and German as needed:

Vom Julius Meinl bis zum M*rBrau-Bier kommen rassistische Bilder in österreichischen Werbekampagnen, Literaturen, Museen und anderen öffentlichen Räumen allzu oft vor.

In diesem Vortrag wird der Journalist, Soziologe und Aktivist Simon INOU eine kritische Analyse des schwarzen und afrikanischen Aktivismus in Österreich hinsichtlich rassistischer Ikonografie präsentieren. Er wird auch zum Thema schwarze Repräsentation in österreichischen Medien und zur antirassistischen Arbeit sprechen.

From Julius Meinl to M*Brau beer, the utilisation of racist imagery in Austrian advertising campaigns is sadly too common. It is also present in literature, public space, cultural customs and museums, and other areas. In this lecture, journalist, sociologist, and activist Simon INOU will present a critical analysis of challenges to racist iconography and Black African activism in Austria. He will also speak on Black representation in Austrian media and anti-racist organising.